Water Insight – Improving Water Quality Around the Globe

Water Insight
Wageningen, Netherlands

Water Insight is an innovative Dutch company that specializes in water quality monitoring and research. The company’s mission is to improve water quality around the globe. Water Insight utilizes Lizard to provide water quality information services.

Water Insight uses a wide variety of satellite and aerial imagery to derive and deliver high resolution data sets that help to understand, monitor and improve water quality.
The company also delivers state-of-the-art spectrometers that measure water quality in high frequency and accuracy.

Water Insight is engaged in EU H2020 research and development projects like EOMORES, CoastObs and Monocle. These projects are initiated by the European Union to continuously improve theory and practice of remote sensing based water quality monitoring and management, for example to develop new products that are tailored to the users’ needs, or products that fit within the scope of the EU Water Framework Directive.

The H2020 projects deliver information services that provide validated products for water quality monitoring and forecasting. These monitoring and forecast products help public authorities in Europe to improve European waters, or help shellfish farmers to monitor  the (harmful) algae blooms around their farms, or help bathing water owners to manage the water quality in their area. Examples of products are:

  • Suspended matter
  • Seagrass coverage or biomass
  • Chlorofyll-a / phytoplankton concentration
  • Phycocyanin (cyanobacteria pigment)
  • Secchi disk depth
  • Turbidity
  • Harmful algal bloom
  • Primary production
  • Water surface temperature

How Water Insight uses Lizard
Water Insight developed algorithms that derive temporal water quality parameters from Sentinel 2 and 3 imagery. These parameters are validated using real-time spectrometer measurements.
Lizard is used to set up the commercial water quality information services. Water Insights data engineers developed an ETL to Lizard to ensure a consistent distribution of water quality data for all European waters.

Lizard Catalogue is used to help find products and their metadata. The Lizard Portal is used by end-users to explore and monitor water quality and share events within colleagues. The products can also be queried using the Lizard API to integrate the products into further analysis, dashboards and reports.


Interested in Water Insight’s products? Reach out!
Water Insight’s data can also be used within your organization to help improve water quality. Interested in what Water Insight’s products can do for your organization? Send an email to info@waterinsight.nl.

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