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Data needed to understand processes in our physical environment are often kept in expert systems, hard to access. These information silos occur within organizations but also between organizations. Silos make it hard to take integrated, data-informed decisions.

We provide a solution. 

Data engineers use Lizard to connect with information silos and help data-powered organizations to make data easily accessible for analysis.

Data scientists use Lizard to get actionable information into decision making processes with advanced analysis, dashboards and digital reports.

Lizard in the information chain


Lizard empowers

Data providers

Data providers use Lizard to make their data easily accessible for data-powered organisations. They thrive to make their data part of integrated analysis, system understanding and decisions.


Consultancies use Lizard to overcome data silos and become data-powered. Using Lizard they help clients gain new insights and improve their decision making with bright analysis and actionable dashboards and reports.

Governments & NGO's

Governments & NGO’s use Lizard to let data flow easily through their organization. They want to gain the best possible insights and make well-informed decisions to tackle complex challenges.


Data ingestion and storage

Lizard is designed to store vast amounts of temporal climate and environmental data. Data engineers use Lizard to connect to silos and integrate datasets into one platform. Lizard provides storage for rasters, vectors, and time series. It makes data easily accessible for climate tech applications.

Our data warehouse is designed for the quick retrieval of data. This allows you to easily combine data in analysis, reports and services. All data is securely stored. You decide to share it or keep it private.

Graphic showing that the raster server, time series server and vector server work are connected.

Raster Server

Store and accelerate spatio-temporal raster data with raster server.

Time Series Server

Store & accelerate time series data with the time series server.

Vector Server

Store & accelerate vector data using our vector data models with the vector server.


For data scientists

Lizard supports data scientists with an advanced analytics API & geospatial toolbox. Data scientists use the Lizard API to query & exchange the right set of data for their analysis and send back the results. Data scientists use the GeoBlocks API to carry out big geospatial analysis. To detect anomalies, alarms & events can be used to trigger your organization to take action.


GeoBlocks is a geospatial toolbox that allows data scientists to carry out analysis with big geodata. The toolbox makes geospatial modeling faster and more efficient. Update & interact with your model using the GeoBlocks API. Exchange results using the Lizard API and WMS service.

Open Source Documentation

Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Lizard API allows data scientists to quickly exchange data with their favorite data science, machine learning & artificial intelligence platforms. The API allows for advanced cross-data queries that save you time in data pre-processing for your algorithms. It also helps you to quickly compute statistics.

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Alarms, Events and Labels

Alarms, Events & Labels allow data scientists to detect anomalies and trigger their organization to take action. Receive Alarms via email or SMS. Visualize Events over time on a map. Link GeoBlocks analysis results to vectors in time and space with Labels.



Data visualization

We developed plug and play apps to help you find data and visualize actionable information quickly.

Dashboards and alarms

Keeping track of processes.

Dashboards & Alarms can help data-powered organizations make decisions on real-time actionable information. Create dashboards that help decision makers to make data driven decisions. Configure alarms to notify anomalies via SMS or e-mail.

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Exploring data.

Explore data with Portal. It’s great for quick access and exploration of datasets over time. Use simple tools. Easily save and share your findings with others using Favourites. Make quick exports from your data.

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Finding data.

Lizard Catalogue helps to find data. The catalogue provides the details of your organizations data and data provided by others. From you Catalogue you can easily open data in Portal or the Lizard API, export data and find WMS details.

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Develop your own applications and connect with Lizard

Our plug and play applications might not always fulfill the needs of your organization & clients. To seamlessly blend into the decision making process an app, report or dashboard could need a tailor made design. We encourage you to use 3rd party platforms or to develop your own apps, reports and dashboards while using the advantages of the Lizard data warehouse & analytics platform.

Lizard is used to fuel applications and services with information:


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